January 10, 2012

Getting restarted with my blogging

After being up until four in the morning redoing my blog, this afternoon I made some new changes to the background.  The flower on the left is my logo, for now, probably will change it but am trying to think of something of my own to create from scratch.

Also went to no-ip and updated my free redirects, so now http://moneyblog.hopto.org and http://myhowtogoogle.serveblog.net is active again.  The http://hottopics.hopto.org that redirects to this site never expired, probably because this site actually was visited the most and it keeps the free advertising for them going.  Now all that is needed is to add the FaceBook Login Button, hopefully that works better than it did a few years ago on blogger.  Click here to read an article I did on how to integrate a FaceBook login button on a Google Blog.  FaceBook has some new features in networked blogs and with Google social network the +1 button is great for getting people to visit my site by one upping their sites on google

There are hundreds of posts on this blog that I was debating on getting rid of and for some reason I cared so much about in 09' and 10' that doesn't matter so much now.  People seem to keep coming here to read it though, so I may as well keep it since it has kept the site going all this time I have been inactively using it.
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