January 24, 2011

How the mathamatics of 2011 adds up to 111 for everybody and what is the 111 birthday trick

Is 2011 the year of the proverb?

Everybody has been talking about how 2011 ads up to 111 this year.  Some even believe it is the coming of the end.  Here is what I did, a little mathamatics problem about birthdays and adding your age to the year you where born.  You can than decide.

If you where born between 1911 to 1999 it adds up to 111.  So for example, I was born in 72 and will be 39 in July of 2011, so it adds up to 111

Arithmetic Problem:
(2011-1972=39) than you get the 111 (39+72 = 111)

If you where born in 2000 to 2011 than it actually adds up to 11

Arithmetic Problem:

It doesn't work if you where born before the 1900s though, so if you where born in 1899 than you would be really old, just joking, but it does add up to 211 every time for anybody born in the 1800s.

Arithmetic Problem:

Note though, this has nothing to do with it being 2011 and everything adding up to all 1s.  Did you know that if you add up the next year or the previous year it adds up the same for everybody as well?  That means last year it added up your age to the year you where born, than it adds up to 110.

Arithmetic Problem for last year:

Than if you take a look at the arithmetic problem, than next year it adds up to 112, than 113 and so on.

Arithmetic Problem for next year:

Also, if you where born the year 2000 to the present, than it adds up to 10, 11, 12...

Try it now!

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