March 19, 2011

The cause "Keep registered sex offenders off FaceBook" why is it a useless cause? How to really keep registered sex offenders off FaceBook!

Somebody invited me to one of these causes in the past:

Keep Registered Sex offenders off FaceBook

Is this possible, can registered sex offenders actually be kept off FaceBook and if so, how?

After giving this a great deal of thought, what made the most sense was not this cause, because just saying Poof, registered sex offender, you are now off FaceBook.  Why you ask, well did you have to show proof of who you where when you created your FaceBook Account?  What about your teens and young children?  What proof did they have to show when they created their account on FaceBook?

So how do we keep registered sex offenders off the internet, especially the pedophiles?  First, there needs to be a law in place that automatically stops registered sex offenders, when they are charged, from being allowed to have an internet account in there name.  Such a law in place would eliminate the possibility of a sex offender from getting online, not completely but it would be a stepping stone towards some type of accomplishment.

Another thing that we need to keep in mind is how do we protect our children on these sites?  Our children have access to so many social networks that allow a child under the age of fifteen to get on without any proof that they are actually a child at all.  How many child pedophiles are on FaceBook at this moment while you read this article?

How about forcing the social networks to automatically want credit card information and MSN does have such a thing in place.  As soon as you enter your birth date, if you are thirteen years of age or younger, they want your parents credit card information.  The site than takes a dollar off the credit card than puts it right back on, just to make sure if you aren't who you say you are, they can find you much easier.  This would make it so much easier for law enforcement to track criminals before they can go any farther on the Internet.

The Internet is such a big scary place, one that makes it easier for sex crimes to happen behind closed door, without anybody knowing who, or where they are.

Here are some causes that makes sense to me that are available to join:

Keep sex offenders off the internet

This is my own personal cause, please support the cause!
Make facebook ask for proof of age for minors

March 01, 2011

Colonie Mom welfare fraud of $95,000: ‘I was unaware that I needed to report the children’s bank accounts’

Remember the November story about the Colonie mother that received about $95,000 in benefits from welfare and SSI combined back in 2009?  Well now she is going to get a possible 7 1/3 to 20 years in federal prison.

Angela Lopez, 37, claims that she did not know that she was obligated to report her income to welfare and SSI.  On top of that, each of her three children had $50,000 in the bank, each...  She claimed in court that she did not think she had to report that either.

“I was unaware that I needed to report the children’s bank accounts,” Lopez told an Albany County welfare fraud investigator in a statement she signed Oct. 19, 2009. “I didn’t report this income because my husband was not working and I thought I was under the income levels for food stamps and Medicaid.”

Prosecutors state that Lopez received $65,000 from Albany County Department of Social Services, and another $29,000 from the Social Security Benefits.

“I know we struggle and never have extra (money),” she stated. “It only goes to bills. We were way below income to be eligible for Medicaid … I did not know about any guidelines for SSI. I was informed differently today.”

Should she get prison time?  Does sending a woman to prison for that many years, to only have tax payers pay for her food and shelter again sound like justice?  How about making her pay back the money, oh lets say, by working it off!  What do you think, is this justice by giving her prison time?

View full story here

February 12, 2011

19 Year old Iowa man gives an amazing speech on gay marriage - VIDEO

Zach Wahls, a 19 year old engineering student at Iowa University, delivered an amazing speech on gay marriage in response to Iowa passing a law legalizing gay marriage.

Some may agree that  speech may have affected the results of the House's decision to legalize gay marriage, here is more from the

House OKs marriage vote; 3 Dems vote with GOP

January 24, 2011

How the mathamatics of 2011 adds up to 111 for everybody and what is the 111 birthday trick

Is 2011 the year of the proverb?

Everybody has been talking about how 2011 ads up to 111 this year.  Some even believe it is the coming of the end.  Here is what I did, a little mathamatics problem about birthdays and adding your age to the year you where born.  You can than decide.

If you where born between 1911 to 1999 it adds up to 111.  So for example, I was born in 72 and will be 39 in July of 2011, so it adds up to 111

Arithmetic Problem:
(2011-1972=39) than you get the 111 (39+72 = 111)

If you where born in 2000 to 2011 than it actually adds up to 11

Arithmetic Problem:

It doesn't work if you where born before the 1900s though, so if you where born in 1899 than you would be really old, just joking, but it does add up to 211 every time for anybody born in the 1800s.

Arithmetic Problem:

Note though, this has nothing to do with it being 2011 and everything adding up to all 1s.  Did you know that if you add up the next year or the previous year it adds up the same for everybody as well?  That means last year it added up your age to the year you where born, than it adds up to 110.

Arithmetic Problem for last year:

Than if you take a look at the arithmetic problem, than next year it adds up to 112, than 113 and so on.

Arithmetic Problem for next year:

Also, if you where born the year 2000 to the present, than it adds up to 10, 11, 12...

Try it now!

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