October 22, 2010

Captain Mathew Stamford, needs help with $2,000,000 to be moved in Afghanistan - Watch the Scam play out

A few days ago I recieved this, obviously scam of an email:

fromCarter, Carolyn


dateWed, Oct 20, 2010 at 2:06 PM

subjectWaiting on your response!!!


My name is Captain Matthew Stamford of the US Marine corps stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, I found two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) stashed in a couple of barrels while on patrol. I need someone to help me move it to a safer place, please have it in mind that there is no danger involved. You may contact me on "email address removed" 
sothat i can provide you with details.   

I decided to have a little fun, and so can you, I plan on following this email and see just how it will play out.  It is obviosly a scam and you can bet he will eventually ask for money.  I responded, but not really planning on paying much attention to it, just said something in regards to, just what do you need me to do?  I than deleted that email, but here is the second email that I recieved today:

dateFri, Oct 22, 2010 at 1:13 PM

subjectStill me


hide details 1:13 PM (26 minutes ago)

I really appreciate your reply I got your mail off the internet with the help of a specialised email extracting device used by the US military and I am trained to understand that at certain situations, one could be compelled to trust a stranger, rather than a close friend or family. A stranger generally tries to earn your trust and would have your best interest at heart.

This money wasn’t stolen, usually we find things like this but we are usually compelled to burn and bury but we didn’t this time.  My colleague successfully transferred his share out to the UK I
intended to use his contact but he was killed last month in a bomb attack so I had to take my chance on you. I have no intention of asking for your bank information, Social security

number or anything that may compromise this relationship.

I was born at Cherry Point Washington in 1970, a fourth generation Officer. I grew up in Springfield, Virginia and attended the University of Virginia on a NROTC scholarship. I also have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a CNSS 4011 Information Assurance (IA) Certificate. I am 5'11", very fit, muscular and have black hair. I am very good with my hands and considered by many as a good carpenter, I love building stuffs and I am thinking of establishing a small furniture company when I retire. It is fun getting paid for playing around cause that’s what our hobbies are like to us, "Play"

Now back to the business at hand. I have packaged the money as personal belongings of a fallen soldier; it shall be transported to the UN office in London along with other military packages going to various destinations from where it would eventually be delivered to you. You shall stand in as the next of kin of this fallen soldier (Staff Sergeant Richard Blakes) which is stated clearly in the DD form 93. I have the cooperation of a German diplomat (Mr. Baldewin), he has been transferred to the UK and will be carrying the packages under diplomatic seals and cover. I have given him a "secret payoff" he shall have no problems going through customs as a diplomat and like I said, the packages will be covered with a certain seal that will prevent the customs from going through its content.

I will give you more information and the terms when I get your reply which will also mean you are willing to do this.  Warm regards to your family, have a blessed day. 


Capt Matthew Stamford

Here is my response to the email:

Dear Captain Stamford,
This sounds so exciting, what can I do to help? I of course am leary about the danger, but also very excited about seeing such a large sum of money! I am waiting on your response, please write back soon.

Yours Truely,Beth

The emails are differant, the first being from a college email obviously, the second is a yahoo email, "Scam" written all over it, but what the heck, lets have some fun.  Stay tuned!

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