May 30, 2010

My WTFs - 6 WTF ways to stir up multiple emotions in another human being

I have somewhat of a odd sense of humor from what people have told me. Here are some of my thoughts that come to mind on occasion. When I ran this list by some friends they just laughed until it hurt. Please vote on your favorite one, thanks :)

A. Bite all the balloons at a child's birthday party
B. Ride on a Alcoholics Anonymous float in the memorial day parade and wave to people you know from the meetings.
C. When a woman doesn't shave her chin hairs, when they get really long reach over grab them and pull them out by the roots.
D. Unscrew the toilet in a restaurant and walk out with it as if it's a normal everyday thing. Make sure you are dressed like you are out to eat (out on the town) not a laborer to get a better effect.
E. Stand in the middle of a public bathroom gnawing on a large solid hershey kiss
F. While in just your underwear and a Nazi war helmet march up and down the hallway by your neighbor's door while listening to Nazi marching music. Make sure to do it whenever they have a date over so that he/she will never return again.


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