May 22, 2010

Air india - 19 children aboard

NEW DELHI - An Air India Express plane trying to land in the rain at a tricky hilltop airport in southern India overshot the runway, crashed and burst into flames at dawn Saturday, killing nearly 160 people, officials said. At least eight survived.

Dense black smoke billowed from the Boeing 737-800 aircraft surrounded by flames just outside Mangalore's Bajpe airport in a hilly area with thick grass and trees. Read More

May 21, 2010

Youtube Video - Little Girls dancing to beyonce?

There has been controversy about this video of six and seven year old girls dancing like Beyonce to her popular hit, "Single Ladies". The girls in the video dance provocative and dress provocative but when you watch the video it looks indecent and unnecessary.

In my opinion, I do not even think they look provocative or sexy but like a bunch of little girls playing dress up and dancing. They dance very well but think it is not needed. With so many other dance styles and moves why do they have to use this technique? Here is the full youtube video of the Today Show.

One person in support of the girls doing this said: "I don't think that these girls where not doing anything wrong" and "that if you do than you are imposing your adult views onto these girls".

Who brought these girls to do this dance, chose these outfits for them to wear and than taught them these dance moves? Another eight year old? Of course the girls don't think they are doing anything wrong, if you taught an eight year old how to steal, they would think that is okay too. This has to be one of the most ignorant comments I ever heard in my life! I will admit though that I cannot really see anything provocative in how they are dancing since they are only little girls and if they where wearing chipmunk outfits nobody would probably even take a second look.

What do you think? Should these girls be dancing in these clothes like this? Do you see anything wrong or provocative about it? How do you think people would perceive this show if they where wearing jeans and sweaters?


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