November 04, 2010

Elizabeth's miscellaneous topics: Captain Mathew Stamford, needs help with $2,000,000 to be moved in Afghanistan - Watch the Scam play out (PART 8)

Well after not hearing anything back from the scammer, I decided to email the Stamford address and see what he had to say, here is the email I sent.

Dear Captain Stamford,

I am sorry it has taken me a little while to respond, my health has not been well the past few days, that is what you get with old age. I am sorry to hear about your accident and hope all is well. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the other men that where involved in the bomb explosion. Which arm did the one soldier lose?

I sent the tag to the UN office, but like I stated before, I cannot Western Union the money without going unnoticed. I live in a very small community, and what ever I do is reported back to my son who is in control of my estate. I hope this goes well, my grandson would be so suprised, he just started attending college and needs money for book.

He responded back with this following email:

The soldier lost the left arm which was infact his more dominant arm. I really do not see anything abnormal in sending money through a western union within your town, however, if it really will not be possible for you, you could take a trip to the next town's and have it done there. Please this delat is not very adviceable.

It doesn't seem as if I will be able to get an address out of him. I am undecided as to whether end the correspondence and tell him what I really think, or just try one more email. What are your thoughts? Would you try to get an email address one more time or should a piece of your mind email suffice? Please comments are appreciated.

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