November 01, 2010

Elizabeth's miscellaneous topics: Captain Mathew Stamford, needs help with $2,000,000 to be moved in Afghanistan - Watch the Scam play out (PART 7)

This past Friday, the scammer responded to my email, on the John Ruggie end of the scam, with the following information on how to send the money via Western Union, here is the email:

Dear Elizabeth Nesbitt, the payment (535 british pounds) shall be through western union money transfer and the information sent back to me in the format below:
Name of Payee; (your name)
Name of receiver; Victoria Ferguson
Country of Payee; (your country)
Country of receiver; United Kingdom
MTCN number; (to be provided to you at the western union office)
Please forward the full information to me as soon as the payment is made.

John Ruggie
UN London
Tel: +447024061589
Fax: +4484477418121
Confidential Communication: Emails from this sender contain confidential and privileged material and are for the sole use of the intended recipient. Use or distribution by an unintended recipient is prohibited and may be a violation of law. This communication and all attachments are confidential, in anticipation of litigation or in furtherance of litigation.

Now I did not want to jump at the email and respond, so I mulled over it over the weekend, I just how to possibly respond to this. I than got this response from the Captain Stamford side of the scam:

I am shocked at this development however, you will write the UN office and let them know you have contacted the Military base and was given this code as proof that the packages were tagged (KABUL_STsgBLAKE_1234900-0092130)

I narrowly escaped a bomb explosion, am a bit injured but it will be fine, five of my men were also wounded, one has got his arm amputated.

I will try to see what else I can do from here but just in case the UN insists there is a problem with the code, try to see if the fee is negotiable then forward it to him but be sure to remind him of a quick delivery.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Capt. Matthew Stamford

How humorous how he went from one topic to another about a bomb, lol.

So here is my email to the John Ruggie side of the scam:

Dear Mr. Ruggie,

Here is the following tag that is needed to send me the package, KABUL_STsgBLAKE_1234900-0092130. Thank you for your time and patience, I will be awaiting on the arrival of my package.

Elizabeth Nesbitt

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