October 29, 2010

Elizabeth's miscellaneous topics: Captain Mathew Stamford, needs help with $2,000,000 to be moved in Afghanistan - Watch the Scam play out (PART 6)

The scammer emailed me back with a response to yesterday's email, here it is:

Stamford Matthew

to me
show details 2:09 AM (8 hours ago)
please just confirm from him how you could send the money to him. There is no way I could possibly make the money reach him from here. Please do this quickly.
Capt Matthew

Dear Captain Stamford,
I received an email from John Ruggie stating that he needs 535 pounds ($852 us dollars) before delivering the two packages. I am unsure how to send this money since he did not supply an address. I was just wondering if there was any way that you could take my share of the money from one of the boxes so that you could pay Mr. Ruggie. Otherwise, would it be safer that I send you the money so that we can be assured that he gets it?
Please respond A.S.A.P, for he says I have three days or it will cost me 2 pounds a day.
Elizabeth Nesbitt

At the same time the Captain Stamford email came, so did the one from the John Ruggie which is identical to the one yesterday, but now it says two days instead of three.

So here is my response to the John Ruggie Email:

fromElizabeth Nesbitt 

hide details 8:12 AM

Dear Mr. Ruggie,
I will need a delivery address to where to mail the money to. This package is a suprise for my grandson and I cannot be detected sending money without being detected. My son always chaparones me to the grocery store and has complete control of my estate. I can mail the money in US dollars if that is feasable. Please contact me with a mailing address ASAP or I will assume the above address is the one to mail to. If I do not recieve a response by tomorrow morning, the money will be sent US postal service by late tomorrow morning.
Thank You

Elizabeth Nesbitt

Now to see what happens from here. I doubt that he will give me a postal address to send to but it's worth a shot. Comments and suggestions on what to mail him would be appreciated, what would you mail him if you where given the opportunity?

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