October 26, 2010

Elizabeth's miscellaneous topics: Captain Mathew Stamford, needs help with $2,000,000 to be moved in Afghanistan - Watch the Scam play out (PART 3)

Here is the latest update on our Scammer, Capt. Matthew Stamford:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Stamford Matthew
Date: Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 7:51 AM
Subject: Contact the UN office London
To: Elizabeth Nesbitt

Dear Elizabeth, your name has been tagged to the packages, identifying you as the Next of Kin to the late Staff Sgt and should arrive the UN office in London on Wednesday (October 27th, 2010). I have already gotten clearance for the packages to be moved from the diplomatic village.

You shall contact Mr. John Ruggie of the UN Diplomatic office in London right away through his email johnruggie@live.com informing him that you are to receive from Afghanistan personal effects of Late Staff Sgt. Richard A. Blakes which are two boxes as the executor of his last will and testament.

I will want to state again that the UN officials do not know the true content of the packages so your first job is to always keep it as that and you must also not make the mistake of disclosing my Identity, your source of information if you are asked is the Military base in Aghanistan.

The UN believes this packages are sent directly with other packages from our Military base camp out here in Afghanistan so all you need do is play along as the relative of late Staff Sgt. Richard A. Blakes.

AT THIS POINT I WILL NEED YOUR COMPLETE CONFIDENCE. IT WILL BE VERY DISHEARTENING TO HAVE PUT THIS MUCH EFFORT AND SEE IT ALL COME TO NOTHING. Please be as cooperative as possible with the UN to ensure the packages are delivered to you.

Once again I want to let you know, there would be no risk involved, I have taken care of all that there is.

Capt. Mathew Stamford

After a quick google search on John Ruggie, I found on Wikipedia that John Ruggie is actually a real person who is, in fact,  the Berthold Beitz Professor in Human Rights and International Affairs at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and Affiliated Professor in International Legal Studies at Harvard Law School.

This is interesting, if the person is really a scammer, or could it be Professor Ruggie doing a study for class?  Maybe a student chose him?

Also, I did a search for Carolyn Carter via the first original email.  The first email came from a Carolyn Carter at a odu.edu address.  A google search for odu.edu let me know that this was for a college in Norfolk Virgina called Old Dominion University.  Next I searched for "Carolyn Carter Old Dominion University" and found a Carolyn Carter on Linkedld who is from Norfold Virgina and attended Old Dominion University....interesting.

Click to read past correspondences with the fake Captain Matthew Stamford:

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