May 26, 2010

2-year old tot smokes two packs of cigarettes a day

MSNBC's today show came across this YouTube video of a two year old toddler that smokes 40 cigarettes daily (approximately two 20 cigarette packs).  According to the Today Show, Artie Hizel starting smoking at 18-months old.  The government offered to buy the family a car but the family stated that Artie became dizzy and sick when they took his cigarettes (we call this nicotine withdrawal).

The father admitted that Artie was a tad bit overweight from smoking but that he didn't look unhealthy did he?

Here is a case of the kid picked up a cigarette, smoked it and the parents thought it was adorable.  It is illegal to purchase nicotine products, in the United states, for children under the age of 18.  This includes purchasing products such as Nicorette gum or the nicotine patch, but unfortunately for the parent's ignorance this is something that is going to have to be done wouldn't you agree?  If people bombard the family with quit smoking products, wouldn't this make sense?
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