September 28, 2009

Seceretly legalizing marijuana to get rich?

Most know about the corner stores that sell products to wrap their own flavored cigarettes. Since the price of cigarettes has risen, the popularity of buying cigars and other type of cheaper tobacco products have risen.

It is legal to sell blunt wraps, flavored tobacco wraps and glass bowls, for tobacco. One example are the blunt wraps like the one on the left. The number of people that actually use them for just that is very small but the largest number of people actually use these wraps for marijuana.

Than there is the tax on tobacco products, and these wraps are included, since they are a tobacco leaf...with a fruity flavor! Than there are the pretty glass bowls and neat looking grinders, with a compos built right into the lid. Now when you are high you can find your way back to the refrigerator.

Who here goes to the tobacco shop, buys a brick of tobacco, since it is cheaper, grinds it up before rolling it up in a bluntville. For those who never heard of a bluntville, it is a double wrapped cigar like on the right. You unwrap the first leaf, and now roll your, now, grounded up tobacco brick into the bluntville wrap.

How many people out there actually smoke them, or roll tobacco in them? Companies keeping popping out new flavors, like more marshmallows in lucky charms. If your caught with a small amount of marijuana, rolled up in a bluntville, or packed into a glass pipe, the police usually will take it away, give you a ticket, smoke it, and you are stuck paying a fine.

So now the government has made a bundle of money for the quit smoking campaign. They make a few low budget commercials and hang signs. By the way, I hate those signs. Not because they are trying to make a point, but having a kids photo, in a scene from a "That 70s Show", hanging on the front of a corner store is just disturbing. I know somebody who tried it, and they receive a small payment of $10 quarterly.

Should the government just say screw it and legalize marijuana? Could it be a better idea to keep letting them line their pockets?

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