August 20, 2009

Ryan Alexander Jenkins wanted for murder-1 - “Megan Wants A Millionaire” Contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins Suspected In Model’s Murder

A contestant on the VH1 dating reality show Megan Wants A millionaire is wanted for the the death of 28-year-old swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore. Fiore was strangled and her body was found stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in a trash bin in Buena Park, California last weekend.

VH1 released the following statement regarding the case late Wednesday: “Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire, an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.”

Did they actually say it like that? It almost sounds like, Megan wants a millionaire coming off the air is the tragic situation and they apologize to Fiore's family.

VH1 has announced that Megan Wants A Millionaire has been postponed until further notice. Any information about the show has been removed from the networks hoo?

Do you think anybody will notice? Please, somebody, tell me, what is it about these so called reality shows?

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