July 30, 2009

Elizabeth's Hot Topics & News: Michael Jackson's Love Child Photo Pictures, Omer Bhatti's Mother

Elizabeth's Hot Topics & News: Michael Jackson's Love Child Photo Pictures

Pia Bhatti
Pia Bhatti is Omer Bhatti's mother and rumored that she is also Blanket Jackson's mother as well. No proof has been shown if she is actually Blanket's mother but as the story plays out we may find out.

From FoxNews on August 8, 2005:

"Several months ago that Jackson first acquired the Norwegian young man as a companion in 1996, when Bhatti was 12. Half-Norwegian, half-Pakistani, Bhatti did a Michael Jackson dance imitation in the lobby of a hotel in Tunis where Michael and his staff were staying.

"Purposely attracting Jackson’s attention, Bhatti and his mother were brought to the singer. Jackson took an immediate liking to Bhatti, who dressed like a mini-Michael. There are pictures of them on the Internet from the time, as Jackson then traveled around Europe with the kid.

Bhatti has since been a big part of Jackson’s life. He was at Neverland when it was raided on Nov. 18, 2003. Earlier that summer, he’d been arrested in Norway for possession of marijuana.

Bhatti's parents, Riz and Pia Bhatti, went to work for Jackson in various capacities after they all met. A couple of years ago, Jackson told intimates that Bhatti was his natural son. That, of course, was not true.

In the spring of 2004, when Jackson was reportedly in rehab, it was Bhatti who was photographed with him wearing a ski mask. Now Bhatti is in Bahrain as part of Jackson’s entourage. And even that could pose a problem.

According to Bahrainian law, foreigners are only permitted to stay in the island country for 30 days before their visas run out. Jackson, according to friends, shows no sign of leaving any time soon, even though he’s been there longer than a month." - Read more

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