July 17, 2009

NASA loses Apollo 11 original video footage - Was Apollo 11 a Hoax?

Many people feel that the Moon landing of Apollo 11 was a conspiracy and now NASA finally has to admit that three years ago that they lost their actual recording.

I'm sure most have read the conspiracy theories, the flag blowing in the wind when there is no wind on the moon, etc.

According to the NASA website, the moon has no air. That means that without air there is no wind. So how do you have a flag blow in the wind?

One place that I read said that maybe they had a meeting before Apollo 11 launched about how they were going to make the American Flag look like a prop and possibly they thought to bring some wire with them so it would stand up. HAHAHA

NASA claims they were able to restore the video by using still images from the original moon landing with voice record over.

Apollo 11 Partial Restoration HD Videos From NASA Website

  • Buzz Aldrin descends the LM ladder to the moon.

    Apollo 11 Moonwalk Montage

    This two-minute video montage shows highlights of the Apollo 11 moonwalk.

    QuickTime 720p 51 MB

  • Neil Armstrong descends the LM ladder to the moon.

    One Small Step ...

    This video shows Neil Armstrong climbing down the lunar module ladder to the lunar surface. The video compares existing footage with the partially restored video. The thumbnail image shows the new footage on the left and the old on the right.

    QuickTime 720p 30 MB

  • Buzz Aldrin descends the LM ladder to the moon.

    Buzz Aldrin Sets Foot on the Moon

    This video shows Buzz Aldrin descending the lunar module ladder. The video compares existing footage with the partially restored video. The thumbnail image shows the new footage on the left and the old on the right.

    QuickTime 720p 28 MB

  • Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong read from a plaque on the LM.

    The Apollo 11 Plaque

    Neil Armstrong reads a commemorative plaque affixed to the Apollo 11 lunar module. The video compares existing footage with the partially restored video. The thumbnail image shows the new footage on the left and the old on the right.

    QuickTime 720p 23 MB

  • Aldrin and Armstrong raise the American flag on the moon.

    The American Flag

    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin raise the American flag on the moon. The video compares existing footage with the partially restored video. The thumbnail image shows the new footage on the left and the old on the right.

    QuickTime 720p 27 MB

  • image of Apollo 11 launch, the Apollo 11 mission patch and the American Flag

    Apollo 11 Introduction

    This montage video shows highlights from the Apollo 11 mission, from liftoff in Florida to departure from the moon.

    QuickTime 720p 84 MB

    You really have to wonder who would record over the original footage. This is something that is suppose to be a huge part of history and they lost it. They think that possibly somebody accidentally recorded over it. Now how dumb is that and you can just imagine the conversation. "well lets see we need a tape, oh ya lets record over the first man landing on the moon, who needs that anyways"?

    MSNBC still has their own recording of the moon landing from 40 years ago, you can watch it here.

    July 16, 2009

    Cindy Hampton Photo Picture?

    Cindy Hampton is standing to the right of Darlene Ensign

    An earlier blog article with Ensign Interview on fox news:
    This morning I saw a photo on one of the news blogs, but it is gone now. It seems that possibly she doesn't want her picture posted all over the internet.

    Cindy Hampton, an Ex-campaign Staff for John Ensign, did admit to having an affair with Ensign.

    Federal records of an associated press review show that Hampton, 46, received a pay raise of double her salary during the affair. The records show that Hampton was on the payroll of Ensign's Battle Born Political Action Committee at $1,385.24 a month until she was appointed treasurer and her salary was doubled to $2,771.50 starting in February 2008. Hampton's husband was also an employee in Engisn's Senate office.

    "In Las Vegas on Wednesday, lawyer Daniel Albregts issued a statement that said "Doug and Cindy Hampton can confirm that they are the individuals referenced by Senator Ensign during his press conference."

    "It is unfortunate the senator chose to air this very personal matter, especially after the Hamptons did everything possible to keep this matter private," the lawyer said. "It is equally unfortunate that he did so without concern for the effect such an announcement would have on the Hampton family. In time the Hamptons will be ready an d willing to tell their side of the story."

    Right there you know what is going on. The Hampton's wanted to keep the affair quiet my butt. The husband probably knew about the affair and they set them up, it is so obvious. They may have been black mailing him all along and Ensign came out into the open. They wanted to keep it quiet from the public, you can bet on it, so they could keep trying to collect.

    Since politician's have been coming out and admitting to affairs, without any consequences, it looks as though Ensign figured he may as well join in the trend. Can't say I can blame him for doing it either.

    The number of adultery is much higher then the perfect marriage, even for the rich and famous. Unfortunately affairs for the rich come at a high price, you either payoff somebody for the rest of your career or you go public.

    The affair probably won't damage his career but I have a feeling that if they keep digging, the payoff will if that is what was going on.

    FoxNews Report from YouTube

    If anybody can get a hold of an entire photo of Senator Ensign's Campaign tour, you could probably find a picture of Cindy Hampton. Politicians usually take photos of the entire campaign team after a victory do they not?

    July 15, 2009

    Michael Jackson's Legs show tell tale signs of Vitiglio

    Photo: Friend: Michael Jackson Had Demerol AddictionExpert Tells ABC News Needle Puncture Marks on Jackson's Leg in 2002 Photos Are 'Very Unusual'

    Some may think that these are Michael Jackson's autopsy photos, these photos were actually taken in 2002. Although the UK reported that the autopsy reports and photos were leaked, none have surfaced so this is most likely just another myth that the tabloids stirred up when there was nothing more to report.

    Now that MJ has passed I think the tabloids are now at a loss to what they are going to report.

    A statement from Jaliman said the photos show a loss of pigmentation consistent with vitiligo, a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin.

    "From looking at the photographs, it looks like Michael Jackson does have vitiligo," Jaliman said, pointing to the uneven discoloration of his skin.

    During an exclusive interview with ABC News' Chris Connelly, Joe Jackson said his son had vitiligo, a disease that he said runs in the Jackson family and caused Michael's skin to turn white.

    Everybody tryin' to make a big thing out of it ... They say -- 'He try to paint his self white.' That's not true. Michael got vitiligo," Joe Jackson said. "We saw it comin' on him and -- at -- early age. You know, just a little spot. My aunt had the same thing. It's no cure for that ... He did not try to paint himself white."

    But Jaliman said that from the photos, it appears that Jackson used a depigmentating agent on certain parts of his body to even out his skin tone.

    "When people have vitiligo and they have such uneven discoloration, oftentimes they take a dipigmenting agent, which is a cream, and you can actually destroy the very dark color cells that you have and then you make your skin very, very white," Jaliman said.

    "If you look at his hands, they are totally depigmented. And in vitiligo, you would never see that. So I would start to think that he might have used a depigmenting agent," she said.

    My Opinion:

    Nobody has ever pointed out how much lighter Latoya is to here parents, almost as light as Michael Jackson was in the early 90s. I was watching this video and in it Macauley Caulkin pushes MJ into a pool, is it me or does it look like his make-up washes away in the pool? This is in the 90s remember, because Caulkin just had starred in Home Alone in this video.


    They are a light family anyways and it would not take much in make-up wise to cover dark areas of the skin.

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