July 07, 2009

Elizabeth's Hot Topics & News: Video of Congressman Peter King calls Michael Jackson a pervert

Elizabeth's Hot Topics & News: Video of Congressman Peter King calls Michael Jackson a pervert

So Peter King's YouTube Video has been the big topics, but his video is him hooting and hollering his opinion. Nobody can rate his video or leave their own opinion "unless" they are agreeing with him? Ratings are also disabled I noticed. Peter King can have his opinion but nobody else can. If he has 750+ postive comments and no negative comments, then why is the rating disabled on the YouTube Video?

He is what they call the statistical, typical closed minded middle aged white male politician. Here is a man who probably does not even get out of his expensive car to pump gas into the gas tank. Would not even be the last one in line to take a pay cut if that is what had to be done to help the economy. This is why I stopped voting, we keep getting these "losers" that just screw up our political system to the point that even the Middle Eastern are laughing.

This is our Congressman? Does he have nothing better to do but spend all day making YouTube videos?

Here is what Whoopi GoldBerg has to say:

Joyce Dewitt DUI and Nicole Bobek's Drug Charges Mugshots

Joyce Dewitt - Janet from Threes Company

Joyce Dewitt was arrested this weekend for a DUI charges in in El Segundo, California. Everybody is saying this is her mugshot, but I am not really sure. She isn't holding the famous mugshot number, so I really doubt it is.

Nicole Bobek was arrested on charges of distributing methamphetamine.

Authorities arrested Bobek in Florida and brought to New Jersey to answer to charges ob being involved with a meth ring that operated in northern New Jersey, according to reports.

"She played a significant role in this operation," said Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said. "She was actively involved in the upper echelon of this ring."

There is no mugshot, but here is a video from Fox:

July 06, 2009

Meat packing plant ablaze in Wisconsin Cudahy (Video of fire)

Wisconsin Cudahy - More than 100 firefighters have been fighting a blaze at the Patrick Cudahy Incorporated meatpacking plant for the past ten hours. Area residents within a one mile radius of the Cudahy, Wisconsin plant have been evacuated to area schools until the fire is contained.

The first 911 call came in at 9:52 p.m. Sunday night. The call for mutual aid went out to 15 different community fire departments when the magnitude of the blaze became apparent. In addition, 40 police departments throughout Wisconsin have dispatched assistance to the area.

The building has already suffered heavy fire, water and smoke damage.

The business has been located at its current location, 700 acres, south of Milwaukee since 1892. The company specialty is in processed pork products. The family business was started by Patrick Cudahy Jr., an American industrialist and patriarch who died in 1919.

On July 5, 2006 a fire, ironically, caused the evacuation of six-hundred workers from the same plant, which triggered the last Dept. of Labor OSHA inspection of the facility.

Somebody doesn't like pork?

Footage of actual fire while it is going on:

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