November 05, 2009

Jonathan Safran on Ellen Degeneres - Eating Animals (Video)

Examples of our farms in America

On November 4, 2009 Jonathan Safran appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show about his newest novel, Eating Animals.

Safran spoke about some things he points out about risks American's have when eating meat. One topic that piqued me interest was regarding the swine flu. He said that with much research it has been found that the Swine Flu originated from a farm in the US and not in Mexico - First American Pig Confirmed with H1N1

Safran spoke of how our idealistic animal farms are not what we picture.  As you can see from the photo's I have posted, this is what an actual farm in America looks like.  So can you honestly say eatting Animals that are living in cramped pens, defecating on one another and eating it is healthy?  We have water sources shut down when e-coli is found in the water.  E-coli is caused when human or animal feces is mixed in.  How can this be any healthier?

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