November 04, 2009

Couple arrested for steeling 1,000 bags of luggage from airport

Wilson King, 61 and Stacy Lynne Legg-King, 38 were arrested on Monday after police found 1,000 pieces of luggage in their suburban residence.

"A piece of luggage here, a piece of luggage there, I would imagine gets stolen out of airports all the time," Phoenix police Detective James Holmes said Tuesday. "This is a livelihood. There's a lot of luggage and there's a lot of victims."

Legg-King also was arrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence. It was not immediately clear how the two are related.  Police noticed King getting out of his car and taking a piece of luggage than getting back in.  He was than followed to his home where police discovered their home in complete disarray from the 1,000 bags of luggage they had stolen from the airport over time.

One neighbor had told FoxNews that the Kings had yard sales all the time, and even bought a few bags of luggage himself at one time.

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