July 23, 2009

The New York Post published Erin Andrews pictures

ESPN and Erin Andrews is very angry with the New York Post for publishing the photos from the Peephole video tape that someone took while Andrews was changing in her Hotel room some months ago.

The tape had been on the Internet for some time and went un-noticed until last week when another well known website pointed it out. The New York Post has gotten in trouble in the past for offensive content, see video below for an example. Searches for the tape have hit volcanic highs and nobody is completely sure where it can be found since ESPN had started working on getting it off.

This poor woman, along with probably another large number of woman, are going to be afraid to change near a door for the rest of their lives.

Some may not get the other end of what the humor was suppose to be in this comic strip that the NY Post published. At first looking at this comic strip, it seems as if they are saying that white police officers are prejudice and are grouping Black American's into one category.

Anybody else get the perceptive point of view?
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