July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's Legs show tell tale signs of Vitiglio

Photo: Friend: Michael Jackson Had Demerol AddictionExpert Tells ABC News Needle Puncture Marks on Jackson's Leg in 2002 Photos Are 'Very Unusual'

Some may think that these are Michael Jackson's autopsy photos, these photos were actually taken in 2002. Although the UK reported that the autopsy reports and photos were leaked, none have surfaced so this is most likely just another myth that the tabloids stirred up when there was nothing more to report.

Now that MJ has passed I think the tabloids are now at a loss to what they are going to report.

A statement from Jaliman said the photos show a loss of pigmentation consistent with vitiligo, a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin.

"From looking at the photographs, it looks like Michael Jackson does have vitiligo," Jaliman said, pointing to the uneven discoloration of his skin.

During an exclusive interview with ABC News' Chris Connelly, Joe Jackson said his son had vitiligo, a disease that he said runs in the Jackson family and caused Michael's skin to turn white.

Everybody tryin' to make a big thing out of it ... They say -- 'He try to paint his self white.' That's not true. Michael got vitiligo," Joe Jackson said. "We saw it comin' on him and -- at -- early age. You know, just a little spot. My aunt had the same thing. It's no cure for that ... He did not try to paint himself white."

But Jaliman said that from the photos, it appears that Jackson used a depigmentating agent on certain parts of his body to even out his skin tone.

"When people have vitiligo and they have such uneven discoloration, oftentimes they take a dipigmenting agent, which is a cream, and you can actually destroy the very dark color cells that you have and then you make your skin very, very white," Jaliman said.

"If you look at his hands, they are totally depigmented. And in vitiligo, you would never see that. So I would start to think that he might have used a depigmenting agent," she said.

My Opinion:

Nobody has ever pointed out how much lighter Latoya is to here parents, almost as light as Michael Jackson was in the early 90s. I was watching this video and in it Macauley Caulkin pushes MJ into a pool, is it me or does it look like his make-up washes away in the pool? This is in the 90s remember, because Caulkin just had starred in Home Alone in this video.


They are a light family anyways and it would not take much in make-up wise to cover dark areas of the skin.
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