June 13, 2009

Tosh O Demi Moore Bush Picture

Some television show, that I have never watched, called tosh.o thought it would be funny to have everybody type in "Demi Moore Bush Picture" in a Google Search. If you are a Google Trender follower like myself, what this does is shows up in the top ten results, especially when it is said to be done on a live broadcast television show.

Radio stations and other high viewer listened to sites will do this for promotional purposes. Lets say your local radio station says, type in this with our radio station in the name. Then all at once about seven-hundred people put it in the Google Search Engine and do a search. For about twenty mintues you will see that search term in the Google Search, now people who follow Google Trends are going to go and see what it is all about.

So of course like everybody else I was searching for Demi Moore Bush Pictures. There are not any picture of Moore with President Bush or any picture's of her bush either.

Hawk it up you got me on that one.

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